Pentecost Sunday

As we celebrate Pentecost Sunday, I asked myself, “What would it look like for our nation to be in ONE PLACE and of ONE ACCORD?” I would encourage you to contemplate that same question and talk to the Lord about it.

If you’d to join me in prayer, here are THREE PRAYER POINTS for Pentecost:

  1. Lord, let us see and acknowledge that racism in any form is SIN. Let us earnestly repent of this sin, turning away from it.
  2. Let us examine inequities in every section and system of our society and work to dismantle systemic inequities within our spheres of influence, giving access, opportunity, justice and respect to all — not just some.
  3. Lord, show us the steps You want us to take to bring about racial healing to our nation. Give us wisdom and grace to understand and act compassionately as agents of change.