Fasting Key #20

This week’s blog posts will be sharing excerpts from the book, A Walk in the Wilderness: The Spiritual Discipline of Fasting.

pg 61 — “Fasting cleans out your body — the temple of the Holy Spirit:

Fasting slows the aging process (Deut. 34:7). Moses lived to 120 years of age. The bible say that his eyes were not dim, nor was his natural vigor abated. Moses fasted often, including 2 recorded 40 day fasts. 

Fasting cleans the body of toxins. It breaks habits and addictions. It lowers blood pressure. It lowers cholesterol levels. It speeds bodily healing and recovery time. It lowers stress levels. It sharpens your mental processes. It rests and revives the organs in the digestive process. It controls irregular menstrual cycles, hot flashes and premenstrual symptoms. It improves respiratory issues. It improves eyesight. Fasting cleans out your body and maintains the temple of the Holy Ghost.”

Lori Greenwood looks at fasting three dimensionally — body, soul, and spirit. A Walk in the Wilderness covers keys to health and wellness, scriptural insight, and personal testimonies, unlocking the door to a new level of victorious living.

Fast Forward

Anyone can move in the miraculous — even you!

If you’ve ever wanted to experience more of the supernatural power of God, here’s your chance. This book is your guide to harnessing the momentum found in the spiritual discipline of fasting.