overview of 2020 annual meeting

Nonprofit Information

OVERVIEW of 2020 Annual Meeting: Joybringers International Church of Everett

Meeting called to order: October 17, 2020, 10:00 a.m., Lynnwood WA

Declaration of Quorum of Members present: 3/4 of all board members present

  • Lori Greenwood
  • Crista Salgado
  • Austin Salgado
  • Kent Fobian was not present, but sent a committee report/update to be shared at the meeting.

Review and approval of minutes of the previous meeting for correction and/or adoption by membership.

Treasurer’s report: Financial update given by Lori Greenwood

Committee reports: After further consideration and research from our last meeting, Kent Fobian expressed agreement to moving forward with projects presented at the 2019 annual meeting. In light of corona virus conditions, the development of efforts from the last annual meeting would provide a positive impact to Christian community.

Program organization report:

  • Website/Content Creation
  • Social Media, daily posts: Minute of Motivation
  • Text Message subscriptions to Minute of Motivation
  • Data/Metrics review of reach, impressions, CTR and impact of sharing Minute of Motivation with broader social media audiences
  • Discuss potential radio or podcast options and potential DBA name change.

Old and/or unfinished business: None

New business: 

  • In light of COVID-19 protocols, a decision to temporarily suspend Article VI, Section 1 of the Organizational Bylaws, stating: The church shall meet regularly each Sunday for worship, preaching, teaching, evangelism, and fellowship; and additionally may meet other days as the church so determines. These services will be open to everyone and shall be conducted under the direction of the Pastor,” with agreement to add an amendment if the current pandemic situation is prolonged, and was unanimously agreed upon by all in attendance,  This project/business was assigned to Lori Greenwood.
  • Reviewing low subscription/enrollment for text messaging as a way to share Minute of Motivation blog content.
  • Our long term ministry partners, Word of Truth Christian Center, with whom we have shared offices/facilities have informed us that the owner of their building has sold the property and everything must be moved out of the sanctuary and offices. We will continue to assist them wherever possible to move out of Hoyt Ave, Everett  location.
  • With the COVID-19 pandemic happening, we continue to support believers in non-traditional ways and have held off on in-person services due to WA State guidelines and protocols.
  • We were able to provide some of our published training materials to a representative from Parkside Church in Vista, CA, for use in bible study groups. They were able to cover the costs of shipping and some material fees for us to send one case of books.
  • Due to life changes and geographical relocation, Austin Salgado will be stepping down from his role on the board. Discussion of Tom Greenwood being added in his stead.

Adjournment: 12 p.m.