overview of 2021 annual meeting

Nonprofit Information

OVERVIEW of 2021 Annual Meeting: Joybringers International Church of Everett

Meeting called to order: January 17, 2021, 10:00 a.m., Lynnwood WA

Declaration of Quorum of Members present: 3/4 of all current board members present

  • Lori Greenwood
  • Crista Salgado
  • Tom Greenwood – newly appointed to replace Austin Salgado.
  • Kent Fobian was not present.

Review and approval of minutes of the previous meeting for correction and/or adoption by membership.

Treasurer’s report: The financial update of 2020/last year’s revenues and expenditures was given by Lori Greenwood.

Committee reports: None

Program organization report:

  • Pastoral Care/Praying for the Sick/Hospital Visitation: During 2021, Lori Greenwood will make weekend pastoral care visits to UW Medicine’s Main Hospital in Renton WA. 
  • Website Content Creation/Blog updates
  • Social Media, digital marketing outreach to share content and find new audiences
  • Data/Metrics review of reach, impressions, CTR and impact of sharing Minute of Motivation

Old and/or unfinished business: 

  • Given the unexpected length of concerns around in-person gatherings, and considering the WA State guidance on COVID-19 safety protocols for in-person meetings, an Amendment to Article VI of the Organizational Bylaws seems necessary. Using Article IV, 4.01 of our Article of Incorporation as a guide, a draft amendment (SECTION 2: Virtual Ministry) to the bylaws, which made provision for virtual ministry/teaching when in-person gathering was prohibited or unsafe, was presented. This amendment was approved unanimously by those present. 

New business: 

  • Continue reviewing low subscription/enrollment for text messaging as a way to share Minute of Motivation blog content. Considering discontinuation of this service/lack of participation/interest.
  • With the COVID-19 pandemic happening, we are gathering with our Word of Truth partners in small in-home Sunday morning gatherings inline with WA State guidelines and protocols with hopes of looking for a new meeting location.