October 17, 2020 Annual Meeting: New Business – In light of COVID-19 protocols, a decision to temporarily suspend Article VI, Section 1 of the Organizational Bylaws, stating: The church shall meet regularly each Sunday for worship, preaching, teaching, evangelism, and fellowship; and additionally may meet other days as the church so determines. These services will be open to everyone and shall be conducted under the direction of the Pastor,” with agreement to add an amendment if the current pandemic situation is prolonged, and was unanimously agreed upon by all in attendance,  This project/business was assigned to Lori Greenwood.

January 17, 2021 Annual Meeting: Old/Unfinished Business – Given the unexpected length of concerns around in-person gatherings, and considering the WA State guidance on COVID-19 safety protocols for in-person meetings, an Amendment to Article VI of the Organizational Bylaws seems necessary. Using Article IV, 4.01 of our Article of Incorporation as a guide, a draft amendment (SECTION 2: Virtual Ministry) to the bylaws, which made provision for virtual ministry/teaching when in-person gathering was prohibited or unsafe, was presented. This amendment was approved unanimously by those present.