Saturday, March 11, 2023 | Virtual Annual Meeting | Agenda followed by Minutes


Following the Order of Business from Section VII of the Organizational Bylaws, here is the agenda for the 2023 annual meeting…

9:30 a.m. – Opening greetings and meeting called to order

  • Roll call: Declaration of quorum of officers present – Crista

9:35 a.m. – Review of previous meeting’s minutes – Crista

  • Action item: Correction and/or adoption by directors

9:45 a.m. – Treasurer’s report – Tom

  • Update on revenues, expenditures and 2022 year-end receipts

9:55 a.m. – Committee reports

10:05 a.m. – Program organization report

  • Web & Social Media Ministries Metrics Report. – Lori
  • Summer Ordination Ceremony
  • Itinerate Ministry – local and national
  • Hospital Visitation
  • College/Campus Ministry

10:15 a.m. – Old/unfinished business: Updates of projects recommended at our last meeting (see former meeting notes/scroll down)

  • DBA/Name change/Rebranding – Lori
  • Sunday Take-Away video content – Lori
  • Patmos testimony – Kent
  • Topical themes simplified content – Kent
  • Healing testimony – Tom

10:25 a.m. – New business

  • Update on our newly launched virtual Sunday cell group: The Quest – Lori
  • New Instagram account (QR below)
  • Other topics

10:30 a.m. – Adjournments


Joy Bringers Church of Everett- Annual Meeting Minutes | 3.11.2023

Meeting Via Google Meets @ 9:30 a.m. 

Present: Lori, Crista, Kent  Absent: Tom

Action Items

  1. Discussion about more paid digital ads this year. – Lori
  2. Create a boosted post for our prayer request link. – Lori
  3. Link to participate in The Quest can be requested on our website to all members and others who wish to attend.
  4. Consider DBA and ministry events for 2023- all members


9:35 a.m.- Agenda Review and Meeting Minutes

  1. We agree that the meeting minutes from last year are adopted without correction

9:36 a.m.- Treasurer Report

  1. Budget of $5,900- lower than last year.
  1. Equipment, digital ads, drop box, domain name, travel, non-profit reports & findings, Office phone line, postage/shipping/printing, web security, Ordination Ceremony, donations to other ministries (World Harvest and Word of Truth).
    1. Bot follow up- some additional costs for services to stop bot attacks using algorithms, hacking website.
  2. Just under $500 carry over

9:40 a.m.- By Laws and Govt. Compliance

Role Revisit

  1. President- Lori, Treasurer- Tom, VP- Kent, Secretary- Crista.
    1. Kent, Crista, and Lori all agree to continuing roles as is.

IRS Update- Filing 2022

  1. Our Final Letter of 501(c)3 is still active.
  2. WA State Filing was less complicated this year and paperwork is filed. 
    1. Good standing with all agencies and government offices we are accountable to. 

9:43 a.m.- Program Organization Report

  1. Web and Social Media Metrics Report
    1. For the duration of 2022- we saw a 100% increase in reach since last year with our paid reach.
    2. Our Facebook reach is down over 50% this year.
      1. Walk Humbly, Well of Wealth, Less in More, Let Hope Rise top posts.
      2. We did not run paid advertising as much this year as last.
    3. 48 new likes
    4. Highest interaction in Summer and also January with fasting content.
      1. Metrics would need to be reviewed more in depth for trends.
    5. Pretty equal male/female interaction
    6. Nairobi is the biggest city following, followed by close by WA cities.
    7. US top country following, then Kenya, India, Canada, etc. 
    8. We have much higher content than the average non profit & religious organization, but less followers.
      1. Maybe due to not having a building/physical church. 
    9. Days where our content is shared makes it more likely to be viewed.
      1. Kent would like to make it a habit to share Joy Bringers.
        1. Thank you Lisa for your shares. 
    10. Overview of our Website (not FB) 
      1. Sessions 1,487- down 25% year over year. 
        1. Most come in from FB and then click another link on JB
      2. Time on site is about a minute on average
      3. Only 4% clicking and immediately exiting.
      4. 66% new sessions- mobile use increasing.
      5. Homepage and bookstore have the highest visits.
      6. Top referral site is Facebook.
        1. Promote our prayer request page more. 
        2. Maybe we add drop down link in the drop down bar on the home page/ homepage menu?
        3. Create post to boost to anyone?
          1. Testimony form for visitors to share a testimony with us?

10:02 a.m.- Program Organization Report Cont.

  1. Joy Bringers Highlights of the year
    1. Ordination Ceremony
    2. Taught at Joy Bringers Kenyan Congregation in South Everett
    3. Taught at World Harvest Conference with NJ
    4. Hospital Visitation and Memorial Service for Mark Nick
    5. Everett Community Reachout with Christian Students Club at EvCC.
  2. DBA
    1. Would involve legally changing our name and so we pivoted away from that idea for now. However, we’d need to consider the desire to fully file for a new name.
  3. Video Content
    1. Had less time to create video content.
  4. Testimonies- Kent and Tom
    1. Nothing to report yet. But still a goal to complete.
      1. Maybe a video recording to help jumpstart the project
  5. Virtual Sunday Group- following the Quest
    1. Video content to watch- covers bible content as well as thoughts from theologians and historical accounts followed by time to reflect and answer questions/discuss thoughts.
    2. Every Sunday (as schedules allow) at 9:30 am. 
      1. Information about how to receive a link to join on website.

10:12 a.m. – Additional Updates

  1. Instagram Account for Joy Bringers now live.
  2. You tube link added to our website to connect to radio content.
  3. Crista updating her email for contacts-
  4. Maybe we will consider conferences or other engaging events.

10:21 a.m.- Meeting End