Saturday, March 12 Agenda followed by Meeting Minutes

2022 Virtual Annual Meeting


Following the Order of Business from Section VII of the Organizational Bylaws, here is the agenda for the 2022 annual meeting…

9:30 a.m. – Officers Study Session/Discussion

10 a.m. -Meeting called to order

  • Roll call: Declaration of quorum of officers present

10:05 a.m. – Review of previous meeting’s minutes

  • Action item: Correction and/or adoption by directors

10:10 a.m. – Treasurer’s report

  • Update on revenues, expenditures and 2021 year-end receipts

10:30 a.m. – Committee reports

10:40 a.m. – Program organization report

10:45 a.m. – Old/unfinished business

  • DBA discussion: Doing Business As
  • Update on mobile texting service

11:15 a.m. – New business

  • Technology /Virtual Ministry
  • Facility/In-person Ministry
  • Officers comments

12 p.m. – Adjournments

Meeting Minutes 

Board Members Present: Lori Greenwood, Tom Greenwood, Kent Fobian, Crista Salgado

Meeting via Zoom @ 9:30am PST

Action Items

  1. Look into switching back up to either a hard drive or our site provider rather than $300 for Dropbox.
  2. Lori may make a new google doc for us to share ideas
    1. Ideas for DBA Name- if we decide to utilize a DBA Name
      1. Tom- Joyful Living
      2. Kent- “Grace” theme
      3. Crista- Joyful Grace Ministries? Bring back LGM?
  3. Tom will begin writing testimony about his healing. 


9:35am- Agenda Review 

    • Bylaw change reviewed- Virtual ministry
  • All board members agree to the change to allow virtual ministry

9:37 am- Treasury Report review

  • $9000 expenses- review expenses
    • Facebook Ads resulted in 10s of thousands engaging with posts in lieu of in- person audience
    • Security for web page bought due to bot attacks
      • Kent would like updates in Securi (our 3rd party for security) if it does not work well.
    • Dropbox may be dropped due to backup offer from website host
    • Monthly office stipend, will change going forward since no longer physical office in a building- work from home. 
    • Costs due to changes in WA State nonprofit filing
    • Postage, phone line, shipping for a book used for a bible study.
    • Carry over about $1800 for 2022.

9:47 am- Officer Review

    • President- Lori Greenwood
    • VP- Kent Fobian
    • Treasurer- Tom Greenwood
    • Secretary- Crista Salgado
  • All Board Members agree to change

9:48 am- Tax Filing Review- show State approved Tax Report

9:49 am- Review of Joy Bringer’s Changes- 

  • JB Shoreline is now in Everett. 
    • Our JB Everett page is getting messages from people confused, thinking we are them. We have changed some verbiage on the website to clarify change.
  • We had texting group for Minute of Motivation, but only 8-9 people in the group, changed it to just the FB group.
  • DBA- Should we consider a name to replace us to reduce confusion

9:52 am- DBA review

    • Consider Joy Theme
      • Tom- Joyful Living
    • option now an option. 
  • All Board Members open to considering ideas for a DBA

9:57 am- Discussing how will church look like mid/post- COVID

  • Do we have home events? We create 52 weekly teaching events in a recording event on a weekend and then send them out individually every week of the year?
    • In person and zoom events?
      • Lori: Child care, marketing, recording and editing, ushering, stipends to speakers coming in, retreat weekends.
        • People are ready for a different church, for a real church.
        • Covid is allowing us to change, more real life- less theatrics
      • Crista: Virtual and in-person flexing, meet at home- speaker can come in person or zoom in. 
      • Kent: Movie Theater, virtual guest speaker, tent annual meeting with in person and speakers- focus topics like salvation, growth, healing. 

10:13 am- Review of Website Content / Content ideas

  • Salvation is Free
    • Added page on how to accept salvation
  • Self-Guided Pages
    • Bible reading plans for solo study
    • The Unhurried Workbook
  • Minute of Motivation
    • Recycled for a few months this year due to time constraints
  • Content Ideas to add
    • Lori- The irony of Quiet time
      • Check boxes- we enter quiet time with a check list. It’s often so “noisy” that we don’t hear God.
      • Idea of being still and not filling it with our to do list for what we “need to do” as Christians.
    • Lori- Sunday Takeaway
      • Tiny video content based on a nugget of an edification based on sermons heard on Sunday. 
    • Kent- Breakdown topics or keywords.
      • Break down the idea of Grace
      • Break down Christianese
        • Crista- A-Z?
        • Easy to approach ideas. 
        • We don’t know how much Grace God has. We can’t comprehend it. 
      • Present hope.
    • Tom- Fundamentals. Everything that keeps you an expert is the fundamentals. Covering the fundamentals, repetition of the fundamentals, this is where peace and expertise (Mastering) comes from. 
      • Hoosiers- No matter what, you’re still playing basketball.
      • Golfing- I’ve taught you 3 things. Remember the 3 things we learned. You’ll forget everything you taught you because your mind will distract you.
        • Lori- Here’s the fundamentals, true faith will never change, even if your mind does. The distraction is not changing faith. It is a distraction. The fundamentals are the threshold to everything else.
    • Kent- What happened in Patmos? The power of Testimony. What you know that you know is the power. That personal experience. 
    • Tom- The testimony of my healing. I will write a sermon. 
      • Lori- we overcome by the power of the lamb and the word of our testimony. 
    • Kent- Film testimonies. 

10:47- Meeting Adjorned